Meet Emma aka, EJ

Emma Jane John, Personal Stylist based in Auckland

Hello, welcome to Sisterhood of Style! I’m EJ and I’m here to create confidence in women through style.  I work with women who are struggling to find their personal style and confidence to own any style.  They may not know how to shop well or smartly, and don’t know what to choose that suits them.  I am a busy working mum of two kids and appreciate that we all lead busy lives – kids or not.  I reckon I have 3 super-powers - Motherhood, Midlife and Menopause.  And I intend to the rock the heck out of all three!  

My clients tend to be looking for help to declutter their wardrobes of ill-fitting clothes or styles that don’t suit them.  They are often stuck in a rut of sameness and I help them to break free. I help them discover their style parameters and give them the honest truth about what will suit them and what won’t.

At the heart of what I do, is building confidence in women, so they feel fantastic and can tackle life, head on and ditch the doubt – with great style.


I guide you to wear things that crack open a wide smile on your face and help you to let go of being a slave to trends and gift you the belief that style is for everyone, not just the few.

I do this so that their confidence can soar, by putting together outfits that sing to them, that they feel fantastic in and can easily create the looks they want for themselves,  when I’m not around.


So what is the Sisterhood of Style?

According to Oxford Dictionary, Sisterhood means “the feeling of kinship with and closeness to a group of women or all women.”  Elsewhere, I have seen it described as a congenial relationship between women, with shared interests and experiences.  The word solidarity comes up a lot, as does community – and isn’t that what it’s all about ultimately?  Comradeship with our fellow sisters, through this thing called life?

I’d been helping my friends and family style themselves by default, for a long-time, I love helping women look and feel their best.   From the age of 15, I've been lucky enough to have the same beautiful besties, the beautiful on the inside and out types, and have always had a deep kinship with my darling mother and am lucky enough to have a few stepsisters who I adore and as my boys grow, I seem to be blessed with another wave of sisterhood, the motherhood-sisterhood.  

Sisterhood means a lot to me.  My own sisterhood have got me through the very worst of times, and some of the very best.

So you see, this is how I began, I think women rock, all of us, with kids, without, career gals, working mums, stay at home mums – whoever you are, we rule the world, subtly, not always quietly, but we can, and should, always do it in style, hence Sisterhood of Style!