The White Shirt Edit

The white shirt – a multi-talented wardrobe staple, too often overlooked for being too high maintenance, too hard to find a great fit, too much like a man’s business shirt, to stiff to feel relaxed in…

Sound familiar? Other objections you may be familiar with; I can’t wear white, I spill something on myself everytime or my makeup always runs on the collar.

Sisterhood, its ok, in fact I’ve probably made some of those excuses myself before. But today is not that day.

I’m busting through those myths and punching them in the face. Here are my top five reasons why I’m loving hard on the white shirt this autumn-to-be.

Top Five Reasons to love a white shirt

  1. A neutral shirt is a fabulous staple wardrobe must-have. It’s a work-horse piece that takes you from day to night.
  2. It’s versatile. Try tying it at the waist to create shape over a billowy dress or under a gilet for a very Trinny look.
  3. It looks sexy as hell with a black bra poking through. A la’ Carrie Bradshaw and Sex in the City, pair it with a tulle tutu skirt and heels or this season’s must-have utility boots and we have a winner.
  4. You can get creative with styling it with accessories. Gold/silver/modern/chunky/delicate diamonds. It won’t ever clash, it will only ever add value to your outfit.
  5. My fave way to wear a white shirt is to have some shape in it (such as tying it at the waist), but in an oversized, sloucy silhouette. It reminds me of every epic early 90’s movie – the heroine always wrapped herself in one on the beach or the villan wore one as she left her lovers apartment. Nostalgia much?

Shop The White Shirt Edit

Are you convinced yet? If you’re still on the fence, check out my shoppable White Shirt Edit. I am loving my brand spanking new shoppable video channel. I think there’s something for everyone there.

I’d love to know what you think of the edit and if you’re a white shirt lover or a long time admirer, first time buyer this season.

Until next time, in stylish confidence,

EJ x

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