My Skincare routine in 4 easy steps and other skincare heroes

Skincare can be a tough routine to get right.  Unlike our male counterparts, women are fed the line that more is more and more and more keeps getting spoon-fed to us.  It feels never ending and can be utterly confusing as to what to believe and what to turn too. I always appreciate a personal recommendation to help navigate what products to try next. 

I have loved skincare for a long time, since I was a young teen and mum gave me my first Clinique set.  It was love at first sight. 35 years later,  I'm a results focused, make it snappy kinda girl, so I've always subscribed to a "keep it simple stupid" routine.

Fast forward to 2022 and the three C's were hitting me hard - Cancer, Chemotherapy and Covid.  All three were stressors on my skin; dehydration, pigmentation and pallor were all taking their toll.  The added pressure of having Chemotherapy and its' impact of my mental state meant that I really needed to land on a super simple routine I could adopt, even when brain fog and exhaustion suggested bed would be a better idea. I had already noticed my skin was reacting to harsh chemical based products and so I was also on the look out for products that were naturally derived. 

I became obsessed about finding a skincare routine that would work quickly but would also be one I wanted to keep.  Happily I found it quickly thanks to the power of a few friends who made their own recommendations and Instagram, who introduced me to Gemma from Conviction Skincare. Soon enough, I was using just 4 easy steps (from cleanser to moisturiser) and found myself so in love with the routine that I was promising on Instagram that I would share my skincare and product loves.  But then I promptly forgot :-), thanks Chemo-brain.

So better late than never, and before I become reminiscent of a 2009 Blogger who takes far too long to get to the recipe - here's my simple skincare routine in 4 easy steps.  Plus a few other hero products that I use regularly too.  All used heavily by me and with great results on my chemo, meds and menopause ravaged skin. 


Emma Lewisham Illuminating Oil Cleanser This is the first cleansing oil I have tried and I love it.  I will often do a double cleanse if I have any makeup on.  It's gentle, effective and nourishing. It does the job of cleansing without stripping away any moisture.  


I have always loved the serums stage of skincare and I often had 3 or more on the go.  But it was overwhelming me with so many steps.  I had heard amazing things about Emma Lewisham's Skin Reset and those recommendations didn't disappoint.  An even skin tone and less pigmentation is now the norm for me. 

Facial Oil

Sisterhood, this is my hero product.  I discovered Conviction Skincare when Gemma from Conviction reached out to me and offered to send me a trial of her QueenB Facial Oil.  I was an instant fan and saw improvements in hydration and texture within 2 weeks. Excitingly, Gemma has given me a code for you Sisterhood to use at checkout. Use the code EMMA25 to receive $25 off your first order of 1 or more of the 30ml oils range.  One other lovely result is less blackheads and breakouts. I feel like this is my secret weapon that I really need to share with you.  I have even used it on my nails and bald scalp, but where it really shines, is your face.  I used it twice a day, morning and night and never miss this step.  It's a skincare heroine in a bottle.  


Back to Emma Lewisham, I use a pea sized amount to be honest and probably could phase this part out thanks to QueenB.  But I'm a creature of habit. Illuminating Day Creme is a lovely light moisturiser that doesn't feel heavy or greasy. 


Other products that I use regularly


Cracked lips are no joke.  Stress and chemo wrecked havoc on mine. But hand on heart, XLips Cacao Lip Mask worked swiftly and is a daily go-to. 


This Coola tinted moisturising sunscreen is gold and I love wearing it because it's silky smooth, smells lovely and glides on like a dream.  It offers radiance and glow, a little colour and most importantly, SPF 30 sun protection.  I pop it on before makeup as a primer too.  


I'm a big fan on glossy, glowy skin, especially since I'm menopausal and middle aged.  I discovered Pixi products thanks to the legendary skin care guru Caroline Hirons.  So when I was on chemo, I became obsessed finding how to buy their products.  Sephora and Mecca were sold out or didn't stock them, but I eventually found them on iHerb.  



I could go on about skincare all day, everyday.  I hope you found this useful.  Let me know below if you use any of the above products.  And don't forget the lovely discount from Gemma at Conviction, exclusively for the Sisterhood!  Use the code EMMA25 to receive $25 off your first order of 1 or more of the 30ml oils range.

Love EJ x 

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