💄 Makeup bag must-haves for that midlife glow

So it turns out, coming back from cancer, being post menopausal, and still mid-lifing like a boss, means that you need to refresh your make-up bag a little.  I had one condition though for anything that I bought in;  let's keep it simple stupid.

My friend Catherine, runs The Skin Wardrobe, a Kiwi based and run business that brings the best Scandinavian skincare & makeup to us Kiwis.  I was lucky enough to be invited to view her very first products over four years ago. A simple range from Make the Make.  I loved it then and I love it now, her range and brands have grown so much in that time too. 

The Problem

So naturally, I fell on her doorstep to ask for some advice on how to work magic with my midlife skin.  The same skin that's been through Menopause, endured Chemo, absorbs the cancer fighting drugs I take daily and likes to throw me a few curve-balls from time to time - hello to those delightful hard pimples that come out on my chin and leave me ringing my hands trying not to pop them.  Then, when I break and try, they just hurt like hell! (relatable I hope!)

During chemotherapy, I became obsessed with adding hydration to my face.  Which has meant I've had great skin recently, but I noticed post treatment that makeup wasn't sitting as well or lasting very long.  Particularly around my eyes.  My second frustration was that I didn't seem to have the right products for my now changing skin.  My skin has become more combination again and leaning more toward being oily.  I'm a lazy makeup lover at heart, so I needed products that will keep admin to a minimum, but deliver maximum impact. 

Making some changes

I had a delightful meeting at The Skin Wardrobe studio with Catherine and she took me through some options that could help me with my requests.

It  turns out that I needed to upgrade some of my tools first and foremost and then work on adding some multi-tasking make-up options. 

The second lightbulb moment came when Catherine suggested I needed a mattifying product, like the Silymarin Matte Serum Primer, to help keep my glow, a glow and not an oil slick. She also introduced me to Oil Absorbing Sheets - a total gamechanger.


I really loved that Catherine was respectful of the makeup I already had, and didn't push a whole range on me.  That made me feel heard and she won a raving fan in me by doing that.  

Another gamechanger was introducing me to a Hyaluronic Under Eye Primer that doubles as a lip primer too (and you know how much I love a double-duty make-up option). 

"It prepares the skin to provide a perfect nourishing base for concealer or lipstick. Applying the product ensures concealer sits better on the skin, lasts all day long and does not settle in the fine lines around the eye."  

LOVE this product.  

The Tools

So we've nailed mattifying the gloss from my face and worked on ensuring things stay on with the right primers. 

Now to the tools.  The tools (aka: makeup brushes) I upgraded to, made me feel extra fancy and professional.  I've never had a bronzer brush before.  This brush now allows me to contour and feel like a grown up makeup person.  Again, I am no beauty blogger, so I just feel my way through how to work with them.  Catherine does a great job of explaining how to use them, if you visit her in studio.  

I complimented the tools and primers with this concealer which is actually quite magic and to top it all off, allow me to introduce to you, the hardest working triplet in my make up bag - the all in one, bronzer, blush and highlighter palette.

Catherine also taught me a nifty trick, to double down on the bronzer and use it as an eyeshadow and contour too.  You had me at hello. 

Give me quick & easy to use (read that as "Makeup for Dummies") and you have yourself a deal.  

My makeup bag is now easy to use, totally wearable and buildable - meaning I can wear it during the day and a little heavier for night.  

As I said, I'm a raving fan. Thanks for the guidance, tips and tools Catherine.

Go check out the gorg makeup and skincare at The Skin Wardrobe and learn to be your own beauty blogger :-).  Catherine has even given you a gorgeous wee 5% discount too:  Use EJGLOW5 at checkout for 5% of all MAKETHEMAKE products or use the link below to activate it directly


I'd love to know if you have tried any of The Skin Wardrobe's products or ask any questions you like below in the comments!  Like and share this blog for others who may benefit too.  :-)

NB: Catherine kindly gave me a 50% discount on the products I have shared with you, in return for my blog review.  I would happily pay full price in future.





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Since meeting Catherine and The Skin Wardrobe I have experienced a noticeable improvement with my skin using the skincare products. I’m in love with Makethemake and it’s given more confidence when applying makeup for different occasions. It’s a win win for someone in their 60s

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