Layer upon layer upon layer

How to layer your clothes like a boss

Remember that ad in the 90’s from Sara Lee, extolling the virtues of  ripe fresh fruit – layer upon layer, upon layer?  I liked that ad. Just thought you should know that. It also got me thinking of layering of a different kind – layer upon layer of winter goodies, loading up your style trolley with the goodness of colour, print, pattern , length or textured layers.

Don’t know what I am talking about?  It’s not rocket science – don’t let the fashionistas know I told you this, but it’s just layering up your clothes, one at a time, like what quite a lot of people do who live in cold places.  It doesn’t need to be hard to achieve, expensive to create or make you like the Dough Boy/Marsh-mellow monster rom Ghostbusters.  I though some simple tips and tricks would encourage you to give this fashion form, a try.

Since we’ve established that we all layer our clothes in a way, I’m not going to give you lengthy explanatuions, but the exciting thing, with winter coming, layering comes into it’s own. , At this time of the year, its at it’s most obvious, most stylish and has the most possiblities to create incredible silhouettes and mulitple places of interest to look at.

Consider this

  1. A merino sleeveless roll neck or long sleeved crew neck top as your base.  Add a white shirt, as a longer outer layer, next slip on your fur gilet or a another sleeveless long line vest on the top.  Then, feel free to add a belt, a coat-agin or cape to finish off the look.
  2.  This piece of awesome styling from the Burberry runway. Summer dress, jacket, belt +cape = stunning.  
  3. Or check out the photos below, from my #ootd – I used my new Glassons ponte pants as my base, a Max slip to provide me coverage at the crotch and bum, then layered it up with my birthday treat – the Tear it up top from Sass and Bide.  To complete the look for winter, I added my trusty Esprit DJ.  This Sass and Bide top will be a year round perenial and I’m going to struggle to not wear it daily.  Wanna know why it’s sooooooo good?  Because it’s a layering dream – it has movement – the four panels swish around me as I walk, it’s light weight but satin lined for delicious comfort, it’s V necked, perfect for my big boobs and Tshirt armed – a lovely way to cover up my least fave asset – my upper bingo arms. An alternative look, for a lengthy layer, would be in a style without sleeves.  I say flaunt what you’ve got babes, don’t be hiding it, if you love it.  I just don’t happen to love my arms as much as I do other bits and bobs of me :-).
    Use a belt to create shape
    Add a jacket for winter styling.


    Let it sway

Why should I layer?

Layering for me, means that you can maximise your wardrobe and wear it year round.  Yes, this is even possible for those of you in the far reaches of the south (in New Zealand) and in the colder climes, worldwide.  Try layering underneath your key summer dress with wool options. It will give your outfit not only warmth, but a fresh perspective.  Suddenly that dress your wore all summer is your fabulous new winter long sleeved dress, because you’ve added a belt and a long merino top underneath.

Or consider re-establishing that ultimate late 90’s trend – dresses over jeans.  I recently purchased a pair of jeans with a skirt attached – layering made simple.

What should I wear on the bottom?

Your options for base layers are endless – try wide legged pants, footless tights and sheer dresses as a base with heavier options over the top. Try sleeveless tops, coats and vests to layer up next. Use belts and differing lengths in the items you wear to add shape and interest to your outfit.  Play around with what you have   Storm, Glassons, Decjuba and my girl Mon, from Dressing Room  all have some terrific basics to layer up with.  Try ShineOn for cool drop crotch pants, sports luxe and some crazy awesome faux leather & jewellery pieces (just mention SISTERHOOD at checkout and you’ll earn 5% off your total).  Use belts and other accessories to layer up and use winter coats as accents, even if still to warm to wear one,having one on the shoulder, like in the Burberry shot above, adds interest, texture and the ultimate eye catching candy.

Are you ready to layer it up?

Give it a go tomorrow, I’d love to hear how you get on.  You can tag me in on Facebook @sisterhoodofstylenz or Instagram @sisterhoodofstylenz.  But if it all gets too much, I’d love to help you.  Let’s chat about how I can help you feel incredible with your style again. x

Mmmmmmwah, love EJ, the Mother of the Sisterhood of Style xo



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