High five for the wardrobe workhorses

I remember it like it was yesterday.  One of my (there’s a few) step-sisters, a style icon in classic black and I were having a discussion over a brandy.  I had long admired her flair with fashion and eagerly listened as she imparted her wisdom to me.  We talked about building up a capsule wardrobe.

I was in my very early thirties and was starting to cement my own style, an individual approach as opposed to a crowd-sourcing one. I was intrigued though, how could a person on a limited budget do a capsule wardrobe – I mean, how posh!  But oh how wrong I was.  Rather than dictating brands, my sister from another mister was talking about the ideas, the key pieces that would see a girl through anything.  Where they come from is up to the wearer, what you do with it is also up to you.  Pairing one piece from a capsule wardrobe with a high street find, or a fast fashion fix, could turn that outfit into a winning one, and I hope - a lasting one.

She also suggested that by buying key pieces to mix and match with my wardrobe, I would be doing 2 things – save money (by not buying needless items to match – buy once, and buy well) and 2) saving time (by having key pieces at the ready, every morning, without thought you know what you have as base options for your outfit.)

So here we are, it’s time for a blog and here I have tried to replicate her formula for you, my sisters in style.  You may already have some in your wardrobe, so give yourself a pat on the back and make sure you bring them out of the closet and into the sunshine tomorrow.  These wardrobe work-horses are your style besties and can form the base of many an outfit!

Here’s my top 5 capsule wardrobe ideas:

  1. The Structured jacket/blazer – to pair with everything that follows.  It doesn’t have to be black (but I recommend having one of those in your closet too) just choose a jacket with structure.  This piece then has the ability to blend in at work or stand out in a casual crowd. 
  2. The go-to Skirt –  This skirt looks great paired with a tee and then for night with a slinky top.  You can wear a shirt with it or layer it up for winter with a knit.  This skirt loves a Denim Jacket and a blazer. She really is a wardrobe workhorse.  
  3. A Dress or Jump Suit  – I have drunk the cool-aid and am a dress and jumpsuit convert.  They truely are your one and done wonders.  Go for something that is cut well for you and that you can make work double-time by wearing it to work or a party /event. Like this little ASOS number I picked up a couple of years ago.  For work I add a blazer and to take into the night, I rock’n roll it up with a leather jacket.
  4. The Scarf  – choose a soft fabric that can drape around the neck and not add bulk. But scarves don't just warm the neck - try tying it to your handbag for a pop of colour, wear it as a belt or use it as a shawl.  Scarves can add colour, act like a piece of jewellery and have the added benefit of warming you up!  For scarf-tying amazingness, check out this video  I found on YouTube.
  5. A statement Coat – house coat, trench or a statement wonder-number like this Sass and Bide coat. This coat caught my eye in Sydney last year, on a girl’s trip.  I left it behind in the store, (after picking up this pair of amazing sequinned pants (a story for another time) but never forgot about it.  Then my gorgeous friend text me to say “guess what I just found” with a photo of the coat on sale – half price in fact.  Well after I saw that, I just had to have it!

 So you see sisters, these pieces, act like layers, one piece of a style puzzle, to bring you an awesome outfit, daily.

Try something new out of your wardrobe tomorrow, by pairing it with one of your own ‘capsule’ options.

Let me know how you get on.

In style confidence, EJ

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