A Jumpsuit made for me.

Sisterhood, you know I love a jumpsuit. I love them so much I have five of them.

They all serve a purpose, some are just for summer, some for winter and 2 are trans-seasonal. I love a jumpsuit for their chic and effortlessly stylish qualities and adore the fact that I don’t have to think too hard when wearing them. Oh yeah, I ALWAYS feel fabulous when I wear one.


  • They are easy to dress up and down – add a heel & leather jacket and you have a fabulous evening out look nailed.
  • Pair with a white trainer and a denim jacket and you have a casual street style in the bag.
  • Jumpsuits, like a dress, do the hard work for you, a one stop shop. They can be as tailored as you need or as baggy and relaxed as you like. I love the versatility of a jumpsuit.
  • I think there is a jumpsuit out there for everyone.


Oh I know, I hear you loud and clear. You don’t believe me do you. The style rules you’ve abided by for so long, the hype you’ve believed and the fashion no-no’s you’ve agreed with are all coming to a screeching halt behind you. In the back of your mind, you do not believe that there is a jumpsuit out there for everyone. You may have seen one on the rack in a store and said “I love it, but I could never wear a jumpsuit, they never fit me right”.

WRONG. I’m not being rude, I’m here to tell you though that this is just not true.


Yes! You heard right. A jumpsuit made just for me (read YOU!) is a thing you can have – so no more excuses.! It’s literally, made FOR YOU. I had a bespoke Jumpsuit made just for me and my measurements and all I have to show for it is this – a kick-arse jumpsuit, made just for me and my measurements. Cue gleeful screams once it arrived.


Enter Shibani Shetty from Tutla, the label. Shibani is the clever designer behind Tutla, a label who not only has an off the rack selection of designs, but you can get any of them made to measure. MADE TO MEASURE. Let that sink in for a moment.

Shibani recently invited me to work with her (pre-lockdown) at her Pop-Up Shop in Ponsonby Central. I styled her customers as they shopped. It was love at first sight when I saw her hot pink jumpsuit. No surprise, it’s one of her top sellers. But at the pop-up, she didn’t have my size in stock. I knew straight away it would suit my “hour-glass” figure – synched in at the waist, a flattering V neck for big boobs, and a tailored but not tight-fitting trouser leg. Swoon. So I was going to go and visit her studio and try on my size.

Then Covid-19 and lockdown hit with a thud. A bang. A big old whack in the face. But I never stopped thinking about the Jumpsuit.

“No worries” says Shibani. “We can still do this – you can get one made to measure”.

During lockdown we chatted about how much we enjoyed working together and devised a plan to do it again. So in return for a blog on Sisterhood of Style, Shibani gave me a Jumpsuit. No money exchanged hands and I am now the proud owner of a hot pink jumpsuit, made just for me. Isn’t that the coolest thing?

Please know this though – if we weren’t working together, to share the joy of made to measure, I would have purchased the jumpsuit instead.

Pink is a super power colour for me and mix that with a jumpsuit and you have heaven in style for me.


  • So let me tell you how easy it was and some of the things you need to know about venturing into the made to measure market for yourselves.
  • Made to measure means less waste for the environment. If you want it, it gets made, there isn’t a tonne of stock taking up space and wasting resources.
  • A wonderful option for those who aren’t a standard size or are different sizes on top and down below.
  • It’s a slower process but it’s worth the wait! The anticipation is everything and makes the garments’ arrival quite thrilling.
  • You get a garment tailor-made for you – it takes in all your lumps, bumps, fabulousness, and wraps you up in a bow.
  • You can tailor the garments (within reason) to suit you.


  • Shibani gave specific instructions on what measurements she needed from me and I dutifully followed that list and emailed them to her. She recommends adding in a cm here and there for some measurements too – allowing for wiggle room.
  • Shibani works with a family of seamstresses and tailors from India to make the garments. She knows them all personally and has a close relationship with them. She travels back regularly (sadly not at the moment) and visits her team there.
  • The usual wait time for any bespoke piece from Tutla is 4-6 weeks.
  • You can request small tweaks any of the bespoke garments. For instance, I didn’t want the key-hole in the back of the jumpsuit, so she designed it to be enclosed.
  • Shibani is the designer and she has a team of seamstresses that she works with locally in NZ and in India. But the majority of the clothing is made in India.
  • A bespoke Jumpsuit, just like mine, but made especially for you is $130 NZD. That is exceptional value.

Are you ready to dip your toe in the water of made to measure and delight yourself with a garment that is just for you? To enquire about this service, get in touch with Shibani and her team today.

GIVEAWAY. Excitingly, Shibani and I would love to give away a bespoke or off the rack Hot Pink Jumpsuit to one of you. Check out this limited-timegiveaway on this post and enter to win.

Love Ej, the Mother of Sisterhood of Style.


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