5 ways to get your mojo back

Gorgeous Sisterhood,

Happy Friday! How’s your week gone?  Are you feeling sensational or do you feel like you could do with a little more mojo in your life? I totally get it and think that finding your mojo can sometimes be harder than just letting yourself wallow or stupefy.  Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good wallow or howling cry (check out A Star is Born if you need a good cry), but mostly I do believe we all want to feel that little bit more fabulous, hilarious, and sensational, as much as possible.  I’m not going to suggest this is a daily thing, but let’s try.

So after a weekend away last week, I feel more refreshed and with a revived spring in my step and it got me thinking on some simple ways to re-energise myself when I get in a funk again, to help kick-start my mojo.  I thought it was worth sharing.  So here’s some simple ways to give it a nudge.  There’s no science behind it, just options that my friends and I have used to give it a whirl.  They all do wonders for me!

5 ways to get your mojo back on track

1.Listen to Dolly Parton

Have your own dance party and break out the Dolly Parton.  Dolly will cure everything.  I promise, try it.  She’s sassy and amazing and funny.  She can make you smile even when the world seems grey.

2.Put your feet in the sand

Get out in nature and sink your toes into some sand.  Last week I got to spend 36 hours away to recharge my creative juices.  Two girlfriends and I went to Piha to soak up the inspiring offerings of a wild west coast beach and spent time immersing ourselves in creative chats, writing and brainstorming, lots of wine and  taking a lot of photos of the spectacular surroundings.  The beach was wild and being able to sink my feet in was so so rejuvenating.

3.Creative juices

My girlfriend Michelle from @showandtellvideo finds her mojo again by spending time with others who are creative and gains inspiration from them. She also highly recommends the book The Artists Way and loves planning her dream day – taking herself out on a date, a tip she learnt from the book.  I bloody love this one.  When was the last time you created a day just for you – a whole day devoted to you and what you wanted to do.  It does work wonders. I can vouch for it.  Drinking great champagne helps too 🙂

4.Wear some lipstick

My friend and artist and creative extraordinaire Evie Kemp,  finds her mojo by wearing a fabulous outfit and adding some lipstick – even if she’s just going to the supermarket. She reckons it’s enough to make herself feel better. I concur, lipstick makes me feel bolder, braver and better(er) (no it’s not a proper word, yes I made it up).

5.Listen up

Listen to a podcast.  This is a new discovery for me but I am LOVING podcasts at the moment.  They offer me bite size moments of peace and quiet, a break from music or kids or monotony and I choose ones that I will learn something from, be inspired by or gain something after listening.  I love that I can double up an exercise walk AND a podcast catch up.  My faves of the moment are; Rise Together, The Guilty Feminist, The Scummy Mummies.

Last thoughts

If you need more inspo, check out Marnie from @eskimonell – she’s all about F**k the Funk and even has a TShirt and this  Spotify list just for this moment!  Or be like my youngest kid and call Friday “Force Field Friyay” and have a pretend force field around you that gives you magical powers!

I hope these ideas inspire you to tell the funk to piss off and helps you to uncover that mojo you got going on again!

I’d love to hear how you get your mojo back, share below xo

See you again soon, mmmmwah,

Love EJ, the Mother of the Sisterhood of Style x

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