10 ways to feel more confident in having your photo taken.

Do you like having your photo taken?

Chances are, you may not. I know a lot of my clients don’t and truth be told, I don’t much like it either! I know, who’d-a-thunk-it!

Whether you’re a SAHM or a women in business this blog is for you. You may always be behind the camera taking photos of your family and rarely get in front of it, or you may reluctantly find yourself having to have regular photo shoots for your business – for content and website updates. I sit in both camps btw!

I recently chatted to a client who felt confronted by some recent photos she had seen of herself. There was of course some absolute golden photos of her, but she hesitated to see those, she just concentrated on the ones that she didn’t like.

I have had the same experience. I pick over photos and discount the ones that make my arms look big or my proportions all wrong, or show a bit of sweat on my brow (hello Menopause!). What I don’t do enough is celebrate the ones where my eyes are smiling in delight, where I can tell a story through that picture, where I really shine.

So here we are, me writing this blog, having checked out my latest photoshoot and inspired to write this for you, so that you may feel more empowered when you next prep for a shoot, candidly have your photo taken or see photos of yourself!

1. First things first sisterhood – GET IN THE PHOTO. That’s your first challenge. Whether it be at the beach, on the sports field, hiking, at the dinner table, making a cake, for you business or when a stranger offers to take a photo of the whole family. GET IN THE PICTURE KID! Don’t miss out on opportunities for your business or special memories with your friends and family because you feared the outcome. Surprise yourself!

2. When you get in the picture – professional or otherwise, make sure you move. Get the photographer (even if it’s your kid or your partner) to direct you. Avoid standing straight on to the camera without creating shapes with your limbs – angle your body where you can. If taking a photo with a dress – move the skirt! It adds fun and flair to the photo.

3. For proportion, if there’s a lot of you in the pic, stand in the middle or just to the side of centre, avoid being on the end. This then takes the ‘heat’ off you having to pose much, let others do the heavy posing! 🙂

4. If you’re having family photos or professional photos taken, I’ve written a blog all about what to wear for that, here. But in essence – wear what you feel great in!

5. When prepping for a professional shoot – invest in getting your hair and makeup done. Or at the least, do what I did recently and do your own makeup but get a dry style from a hairdresser. I used Dry and Tea. Then used the surrounding area for my first location – including the shot you see here.

6. Don’t be shy, ask to see the photo after it’s been taken and make sure you get one you like! You deserve it.

7. Check out Pinterest for ideas on how to pose, inspiration for locations and all manner of goodies! My Sisterhood of Style Pinterest page is full of all sorts and I use it weekly as my mood board sorter! But I rely on it heavily for tips and tricks when shooting photos.


8. Remember sisterhood, you are gorgeous and beautiful. I really hope you know that. Instead of looking at the one photo that confronts you (we all got those) remember that these are static images & we are very rarely static. We are always moving, so an image captures but a split second of what is truly us.

9. Challenge yourself to get in one more photo than you usually would – just one. Flash that beaming smile of yours, lift your heart up, raise your head, put your chin down and let yourself be documented. What’s the worst that can happen?

10. Now, PRINT out, yes, PRINT out, right now, the ones you do like! Please put that somewhere prominent, so you CAN see how fab you do look.
Check your words to yourself & look at photos where you feel fabulous. Don’t dwell on the ones that don’t. You are incredible & you have grace & movement. Photos can’t always capture the essence of who we are. Some will, enjoy those. Go print out one photo you like of yourself & stare at it & then sing THIS IS ME by Keala Settle, from the top of your lungs.

Drop me a comment below if you have any tired and true tips on getting your photo taken, we’d love to hear them.

In style confidence,

EJ xxx

My photos were taken by the insanely talented Michelle Sokolich from Show and Tell

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