Why the sisterhood?

Ladies (and any gentlemen out there), welcome. I’m here to embrace the sisterhood.  I am here to boost women’s confidence through style and I am here, cause chicks rule man.

According to Oxford Dictionary, Sisterhood means “the feeling of kinship with and closeness to a group of women or all women.”  Elsewhere, I have seen it described as a congenial relationship between women, with shared interests and experiences.  The word solidarity comes up a lot, as does community – and isn’t that what it’s all about ultimately?  Comradeship with our fellow sisters, through this thing called life?

I’ve been helping friends style themselves by default, for a long-time, mostly cause I am a loud-mouth and don’t reserve my opinion.  I grew up from the age of 15, with beautiful friends, the beautiful on the inside and out types, and have always had a deep kinship with my darling mother and am lucky enough to have a few stepsisters who I adore and as my boys grow, I seem to be blessed with another wave of sisterhood, the motherhood-sisterhood.  So sisterhood means a lot to me.  My own sisterhood have got me through the very worst of times, and some of the very best.

So, this past New Years Eve, as I sat sipping champagne at a friend’s lovely bach, staring down the barrel of a month off work and being a full time mum to my busy boys, I considered what was next, what was going to keep me inspired as I traversed life?  I’d love to say sisterhood!  was the first thing that sprang to mind, but in fact, it was the word Confidence.  I wanted to inspire confidence in women.

Later in the evening, I met a gorgeous lady called Natalie Tolhopf from Catapult Your Business  (I did not know that then) and started having a yarn to her about what we both did.  She told me she was a business coach for women.  I told her I worked in communications for a corporate as a project manager AND I ran a business inspiring women’s confidence through style……say what?

Turns out, I basically described my dream business to her, all the while Nat thought I was well established in business already.  Funny that.

So things progressed, I hire Nat to be my business mentor, I mind map out our families year on butcher paper on our dining table,  my dad suggests a name ( I poo poo it) and then my husband comes along, gently suggesting a twist on what Dad recommended and hey presto!  “Sisterhood of Style” is born.  (On Facebook and Instagram I am sisterhoodofstylenz).

So you see, this is how I began, all those sweet, short months ago. But I’ve been around the block a fair few times, I’ve seen all the things, experienced a tonne, had two kids, seen tough times, seen a lot more better times and at the heart of it all, I think women rock, all of us, with kids, without, career gals, working mums, stay at home mums – whoever you are, we rule the world, subtly, not always quietly, but we can, and should, always  do it in style.

Mmmmmwah xx


PS – if you would like to learn more about my packages and how I might be able to work with you, drop me a line at emma@sisterhoodofstyle.com

My first selfie as @sisterhoodofstylenz – I swear, it’s harder than it looks!



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