I first posted this ‘caption’ on Instagram, but realised I wanted to keep it around longer and more visible than having to scroll for it on my feed. Also, for a caption, it was pretty bloody long!


THIS IS 45 – a birthday manifesto


I’m more confident in myself but still break like a eggshell when hurting.

I’m more bold but now know the art of self reflection & when to pull my head in.

I give zero fks but also care so bloody deeply.

I’m contradictory. I do not have all the answers. 

I’m menopausal and I’m working on what that all means. 

I’m trying to be a mum and wife that is not perfect but the best one for all my boys. 

I’m a fiercely proud, stubborn, love a laugh and still feel like going out with my besties until 2am but suffer really really badly for it. 

I’m 45 and going to rock this year as my best yet. 

Not invisible, not shying away from hard things, being present and wearing more stylish combos than ever before. Thanks for indulging me on my birthday Sisterhood. Good to get that off my chest. I want to mark it down so I remember it when I need a reminder! 

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