Black skinny, stretchy pants or BSP’s for short 

Oh hey there you babes.  I am so excited to be writing this blog.  Sometimes, my life in Instagram squares just isn’t enough to tell you everything I want to say about something.  And if you’ve been following me for a while now, you will know that I love to over-explain, talk a lot and really give you my all.  Which is why I started a blog, because my love of writing and talking long-form was really nourished!  Anyhoo I digress.  Did someone say Black Skinny Pants or BSP for short?  Oh yeah I did and I made that one up, it’s gonna be a thing, like LBD is to dresses.  Sidetracked again – now let me tell you about these fabulous BSP’s.

So my friends Kelly and Fee from Shine On and I were chatting one day about how we could work together more and we decided that demonstrating how I could make an outfit work 3 different ways was going to be the thing.  I love maximising my clothing and wearing them in all different ways, so this completely fitted with what I stand for as a Stylist.  I dislike to buy anything that can’t be worn multiple ways or only used for just one purpose. So here goes, let’ts talk about these Tirelli black coated pants. 

Before we move on, I have a couple of disclaimers.  
  1. I love a pair of black trousers, I recommend they are a staple in most client’s wardrobes.  They can be worn in so many different ways, they are a style must have for me.  I would LOVE a pair of real leather pants, but at $600+ for a decent pair, my desire to invest is limited.  So black coated pants or pleather options are my go too. 
  2. These gorgeous pants were gifted from my lovely friends at ShineOn, but if they hadn’t been, they were on my list of pants to buy.  And for $99.95 they are worth it.  I have worn them 5 times in the last week alone.
  3. I prefer a matte coated pant, whether it be jeggings, leggings, jeans. So when I saw these Tirelli coated pants I fell head over heels.  There’s no shine and for me, that’s a win win.  They are matt black and bloody marvellous.  

Back to the Black Skinny Stretchy Pants and their amazing virtues

  1. A BSP can be flattering to most shapes.  Not all, but most.  They can help to enlongate and emphasise your legs by wearing something less tight on top.  They come in size 8-16.
  2. Because these BSP’s are matt black, they can be worn, inconspicuously as a variation on a footless tight  – like I wore mine today, under a midi-length dress.
  3. They are warm. They are stretchy.
  4. I love these BSP’s for their sucky in factor.  These ones are a marvel because they are high waisted and firm fitting.  They act a little like a compression pant and I am a fan of that in  big way.  Don’t get me wrong, they allow you to breathe, but they almost feel like they are giving me a hug and who doesn’t need more hugs?
  5. They can be the most versatile piece in your wardrobe.  You can wear them casually. going out out and for work wear.  I think that makes for an affordable style staple for any woman’s wardrobe.  They go up to a size 16, so they won’t fit everyone.

I’ve had them for a week now and I’ve worn them five times already!  Casually with trainers.  Dressed up for a night out and for a business time, in a business way, ok, for work. Here’s how I have rocked them this week – in three different ways.  I reckon this helps prove their worth for your wardrobe.

Look One – Casual Weekend Wear

Casual look with trainers
Casual Weekend Wear

Look Two – Business Time

Work Wear

Look Three – Out Out

Saturday Night Party Outfit
Out out

I am actually wearing them again today as I write this, underneath a much long dress and wearing them like a stocking because as you all know, I am not a fan of tights ( you can read about that here.)


I highly recommend these stretchy, skinny pants – I’m converted – are you?   Make sure you use the code SISTERHOOD at check-out for a cheeky 5% discount.  Let me know if you order some and how you decide to style them!

Mmmwah, Love EJ

The Mother of the Sisterhood  x

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Another bonus look !

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