SOS Body Shape Style Guide

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Are you fed up with second-guessing your style choices because you don't know what suits your shape? Then look no further than the SOS Body Shape Style Guide: an online guidebook designed to make getting dressed and going shopping a breeze and give you a step by step guide on what suits you and you alone!

Cut through those style dilemmas with this easy-to-use, step by step breakdown of how to dress for your individual body type. You can finally ditch the doubt and get dress with ease and shop like a pro! It's time to flaunt that stylish self today!

What you get with the SOS Body Shape Style Guide

The SOS Body Shape Style Guide is a handy online pack that you work through in your own time.  Once you've completed your part, then I do my professional styling work.  In return you will receive a personalised body-shape style guide, just for you, based on your shape.

Kickstart your styling journey with me, with a specially-crafted package filled to the brim with eye-catching visuals! From showing you the most flattering cuts and  styles to suit you, you'll discover all of the best looks for YOUR shape. Plus get tailored style tips from an experienced stylist - just part of this virtual service extravaganza. Get ready to take on style in full force!  

Please note, timings and delivery of your digital product will be confirmed to you by Emma, once you’ve booked.  The time that you are booking in is when the product will be researched. This digital product is delivered to you by Emma and you work online with it as you move through the questions.  If you need to send Emma a URL or photo, she will be in contact asap.   This is NOT an in-person service.