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Wear your office stationery like a boss

Wear your office stationery like a boss

Now, before you get all hot under the collar, I don’t mean to suggest you should jump into your office stationery supplies and go ballistic.  No siree.  But I do want to tell you how to use the humble pen, as a life saving/fashion saving/time saving no brainer of an accessory and how the paper clip, that little thing that holds two pieces of paper together, actually saved my bacon the other day, following a pretty awkward trip over my wide legged palazzo pants.

I’m a busy lady. I am sure you awesome sisters are too, so hands up who likes a few tips and tricks and life-hacks from time to time?  I’m busy because I have kids, I have a 4 day a week project management job, I have my own mum-prenuer business with the Sisterhood of Style, I have a dog, a husband, some landscaping going on, some friends I quite like to see once in a while and when I need time saving or outsourcing options to make my life easier – I jump at them.  So here are some of mine to share with all you lovely sisters out there (and those gentlemen who happen to be reading).

Ladies (and any gentlemen out there), welcome. I’m here to embrace the sisterhood.  I am here to boost women’s confidence through style and I am here, cause chicks rule man.

According to Oxford Dictionary, Sisterhood means “the feeling of kinship with and closeness to a group of women or all women.”  Elsewhere, I have seen it described as a congenial relationship between women, with shared interests and experiences.  The word solidarity comes up a lot, as does community – and isn’t that what it’s all about ultimately?  Comradeship with our fellow sisters, through this thing called life?

I’ve been helping friends style themselves by default, for a long-time, mostly cause I am a loud-mouth and don’t reserve my opinion.  I grew up from the age of 15, with beautiful friends, the beautiful on the inside and out types, and have always had a deep kinship with my darling mother and am lucky enough to have a few stepsisters who I adore and as my boys grow, I seem to be blessed with another wave of sisterhood, the motherhood-sisterhood.  So sisterhood means a lot to me.  My own sisterhood have got me through the very worst of times, and some of the very best.

So, this past New Years Eve, as I sat sipping champagne at a friend’s lovely bach, staring down the barrel of a month off work and being a full time mum to my busy boys, I considered what was next, what was going to keep me inspired as I traversed life?  I’d love to say sisterhood!  was the first thing that sprang to mind, but in fact, it was the word Confidence.  I wanted to inspire confidence in women.

Later in the evening, I met a gorgeous lady called Natalie Tolhopf from Catapult Your Business  (I did not know that then) and started having a yarn to her about what we both did.  She told me she was a business coach for women.  I told her I worked in communications for a corporate as a project manager AND I ran a business inspiring women’s confidence through style……say what?

Turns out, I basically described my dream business to her, all the while Nat thought I was well established in business already.  Funny that.

So things progressed, I hire Nat to be my business mentor, I mind map out our families year on butcher paper on our dining table,  my dad suggests a name ( I poo poo it) and then my husband comes along, gently suggesting a twist on what Dad recommended and hey presto!  “Sisterhood of Style” is born.  (On Facebook and Instagram I am sisterhoodofstylenz).

So you see, this is how I began, all those sweet, short months ago. But I’ve been around the block a fair few times, I’ve seen all the things, experienced a tonne, had two kids, seen tough times, seen a lot more better times and at the heart of it all, I think women rock, all of us, with kids, without, career gals, working mums, stay at home mums – whoever you are, we rule the world, subtly, not always quietly, but we can, and should, always  do it in style.

Mmmmmwah xx


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My first selfie as @sisterhoodofstylenz – I swear, it’s harder than it looks!